Suggest assignments

Submit your own assignments for university courses and make use of the collective talent of students to come up with new ideas and to break into new markets home and abroad. Test new products and services with potential customers and employees and offer our talents a chance to learn about your business.


Offer projects

Discover an interesting student and utilize his or her talent by offering a project to work on. Projects can involve for example creating reports, social media content, marketing plans and translations of contracts and marketing material.


Offer internships

Locate a talented student and offer him or her an internship in your business. Internships can include for instance sales work, developing international business relations, social media planning, marketing and graphics design.


Propose theses

Find a student whose talent could fit your business and let him or her solve your problem through a thesis work. Theses provide chances to study different aspects of your business venture and explore new products and services based on the latest research.



Talent Network (Talenttiverkosto) by the Federation of Finnish Enterprises (Suomen Yrittäjät) is a recruiting platform for entrepreneurs, universities, universities of applied sciences and talented students. The service enables matchmaking and spurs innovation already with 40 universities and 5 000 talents. Talent Network is made possible by innovation and development service Me2we. The startup conference Slush is a supporting partner of the platform.


Talent Network enables you to find a talented student who meets the needs of your business as an employee, intern or project or thesis worker.


Talent Network allows you to match entrepreneurs and their businesses with students and their project, course or thesis work.


Talent Network is your gateway to jobs, projects, internships and thesis opportunities from entrepreneurs and their businesses.

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The Federation of Finnish Enterprises is an interest and service organisation for small and medium sized enterprises and their owners. Our task is to improve the position of entrepreneurs and the requirements for entrepreneurship, and to make Finland an entrepreneurial society.

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